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Race Discrimination & Harassment Case: Episode 49

Is an instruction to only speak English at work discrimination?

A recent discrimination case has been decided by the Employment Appeal Tribunal concerning an instruction to a Russian employee not to speak Russian at work, an interesting case for various reasons.

In this episode I will cover:

  • What the relevant legal provisions are regarding direct discrimination and harassment
  • What is required to bring a claim for direct discrimination
  • What is required for behaviour to constitute harassment
  • Reasons you should proceed with caution with regards to employees who have been employed for less than 2 years
  • Steps you can take to prevent a claim

 Action Points

Ensure that your managers and supervisors have some training and/or knowledge of the requirements of the Equality Act and that they understand that instructions they give to employees can lead to an employment tribunal claim.

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Holiday Entitlement & Pay FAQ's Answered: Episode 48

Following a surprising question from an employee client I thought that it would be helpful to dedicate an episode to answering some of the frequently asked questions abut holiday.

In this episode I will cover:

  • The background to holiday entitlement and pay in the UK
  • The Working Time Regulations requirements
  • Notice periods for taking holiday
  • Who is entitled to take holiday
  • How to calculate holiday pay
  • When you can pay in lieu of holiday
  • When holiday can be carried forward to the next year
  • Rolled up holiday pay

 Action Points

Review your contracts and policies to see if you have holiday entitlement and pay covered. Check to ensure that your part-time staff are treated the same as full time staff with holiday, and review how much you are paying employees when they are on holiday.

Helpful Links

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