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Suspension Checklist

We are contacted on an almost daily basis by employees who have been suspended from work and often it is as a result of poor communication or poor planning and consideration. Many employers believe that suspending an employee is a neutral act and there is no risk in suspending whilst disciplinary issues are investigated, however several cases have shown that this is not the case and employers need to take care when suspending employees. Most recently I reported a case where it was ruled that it was unlawful for the employer to suspend the employee. You can read the full details here: CLICK HERE

In this episode I will cover:

  • A checklist for you to go through before suspending employees;
  • Guidance on what you should tell the employee when you suspend;
  • Why it is important to take care when suspending.

Action Points

1. Get in touch to get your copy of the free suspension checklist, email

Don't forget you can contact us by email or or by telephone 01983 897003, 01722 653001 or 023 8098 2006

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Employment Law & HR issues in the news

Normally when I talk about a case on the podcast it is because it has importance from a legal perspective, usually it has been reported in legal journals and websites and the main issue covered is the point of law. This week there have been three employment issues in the popular press which I thought you may be interested to hear about.

They do not bring anything 'new' from a legal perspective but the facts are interesting and they provide good examples for employers on how not to deal with issues that arise.

In this episode I will cover:

  • A first for McDonald's staff who have taken the decision to strike at two restaurants in the UK;
  • Two male police officers who between them have been awarded £96,000 compensation for victimisation;
  • A Royal Mail worker who successfully claimed constructive dismissal when his hours were changed without his agreement.

Action Points

1. Ensure that your staff and managers have training about equality and diversity issues;

2. Take care when changing employee hours particularly if it impacts on their childcare or caring responsibilities;

3. Seek advice when you receive a flexible working application before making the decision;

4. Continue to treat your employees reasonably and within the law and you will have much less chance of a dispute arising;

5. Seek advice about employment law and HR best practice from a professional who is experienced in this area of law.

Don't forget you can contact us by email or or by telephone 01983 897003, 01722 653001 or 023 8098 2006

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