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No more fees in the Employment Tribunal

Undoubtedly you will have heard in the news or online about the Supreme Court decision that the introduction of Employment Tribunal fees for employees to make a claim is unlawful and as a result effective immediately employees will not have to pay the £160 or £250 fee for making a claim. In this episode of the Podcast I bring you a summary of the decision and my views on the outcome and the future for the Employment Tribunal.

In this episode I will cover:

  • Background into the introduction of fees and reason for them;
  • The impact of fees on employees and the number of claims;
  • Why Unison challenged the introduction of fees;
  • Summary of the Supreme Court reasons for the decision;
  • What is currently happening with employment tribunal claims;
  • What may happen next.

Action Points

1. Don't panic about the 'floodgates' being opened and a flurry of claims against your business;

2. Ensure that you stay informed of the latest developments, you can sign up below for our free newsletter;

3. Continue to treat your employees reasonably and within the law and you will have much less chance of a dispute arising;

4. Seek advice about employment law and HR best practice from a professional who is experienced in this area of law.


Useful Links & Case References

Update article on this subject - Read here
You can read the full judgement here: Read here 
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