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Dealing with sickness absence in the workplace

This episode of the podcast is the fourth and final part of a mini series on managing sickness absence at work and in this episode I cover some frequently asked questions and listener questions. 

In this episode I will cover answers to the following questions:

  • What if an employee is sick from one job but still working in their other job?
  • Do I have to wait for an employee's sick pay to run out before I can take action to dismiss them?
  • I have heard that there are extra requirements if the employee's absence is caused by an accident at work?
  • Can I dismiss an employee with a disability if they are off sick?
  • What if the employee gets better and has a period of time with no absence but has had lots of warnings for absence in the past?
  • How do you deal with a situation when an employee goes off on medium to long term sick leave just before a capability hearing at the end of a formal capability process? Can you pick back up with that capability hearing when it is no longer viable to just extend the period by the time the employee had off sick?

Action Points

  1. Have a clear absence management / sickness procedure in your handbook with relevant 'trigger' points for the informal and formal procedures;
  2. Set out from the outset the method and frequency of contact with an employee;
  3. Obtain medical advice;
  4. Seek advice and assistance if you are unsure how to deal with a situation.

We can help with the forms you need, the relevant procedure and training for your managers. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for some real life help for your organisation.

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