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In this weeks' episode I tell you all about the introduction of Early Concilaition, what it means and what I think of it. What you need to know and what to consider if you have an employee dispute. 

This weeks' best practice tip is all about your Employee Handbook, what to do and how to keep it under control 

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In this weeks' episode I tell you about a recent case regarding disciplinary issues and appeals. The case is mcmillan v airedale nhs foundation trust. 

The best practice tip also follows disciplinarys and why you need to have a good procedure in place. 

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In this first episode I bring you all of the information you need to know about the right to request flexible working including what it means and how it will effect your business. 

The best practice tip this week is about Contracts or Section 1 Statements as they are known to lawyer types! 

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