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Parental Rights Series: Episode 2 - Maternity & Adoption Leave & Pay

Employee Rights to Maternity Leave & Pay and Adoption Leave & Pay

This is a mini series focusing on family rights at work and the considerations which apply with regards to employees who are parents/will be parents. In this second episode in the series I bring you details about maternity leave and maternity pay and adoption leave and adoption pay. The rights in terms of maternity and adoption are very similar.

In this episode I will cover:

  • An employer's legal obligation to reply to an employee within 28 days of receipt of the start date for their maternity or adoption leave.
  • The right of all employees to maternity leave.
  • The length of maternity leave.
  • Employee's rights during maternity leave.
  • The qualifying criteria for statutory maternity pay.
  • The right of all employees to adoption leave.
  • How adoption leave works when a couple are adopting.
  • The length of adoption leave.
  • Employee's rights during adoption leave.
  • The qualifying criteria for statutory adoption pay.
  • Communication with an employee during maternity or adoption leave.
  • Keeping in Touch (KIT) days for employees on maternity or adoption leave.

Action Points

  1. Ensure you respond within 28 days to an employee who informs you of their intention to take maternity or adoption leave;
  2. Check you understand that basic requirements for an employee who wants to take maternity or adoption leave;
  3. Check your contracts and any handbook to establish whether employees have any entitlement to enhanced pay when on maternity or adoption leave;
  4. Seek advice if you have an unusual situation or you are not sure what to do. You can contact me by email or phone 023 8098 2006 or 01983 897003 if you would like to discuss.

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