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Mental Health: Best Practice for Employers 

Mental Health of employees is a difficult subject for employers to tackle and there are a number of implications of getting it wrong. In this mini series I will be focusing on Mental Health at Work and providing some hints, tips and legal advice for employers. The focus in this episode is best practice and what steps you can take to be a better employer.

In this episode I will cover:

  • Some of the reasons why employers behave badly or handle employees with mental health conditions poorly;
  • Tips for Employers to be better including;
  1. Creating a culture of acceptance and communication;
  2. Encourage communication and openness;
  3. Taking steps to reassure staff and make them feel appreciated;
  4. Consider and make workplace adjustments;
  5. Having good management of absence processes.
  • This episode also includes some ideas for best practice & going the extra mile for your employees.

Action Points

  1. Think about the culture in your organisation, what do your managers, supervisors and staff know about mental health and how do they feel dealing with employees who have a mental health condition;
  2. Consider implementing or making at least one change in your business;
  3. Seek advice and assistance to ensure the best practice in your business;
  4. I can help with all of the points above so why not give me a call and let an expert take care of it for you 023 8098 2006 or 01983 897003.



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