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Holiday Pay & Commission the Court of Appeal Decision: Episode 65

The Latest Update on the Holiday Pay Case of Lock v British Gas

In this weeks' episode I bring you the details of the latest installment in the long running case regarding payment of commission whilst on holiday and the interpretation of the working time regulations to decide how much pay an employee should receive when on holiday.

In this episode I will cover:

  • The background to European Law which governs holiday entitlement and holiday pay;
  • What the facts of this case are;
  • The reason why the case has been going on for so long;
  • The uncertainty for employers and what you can do in the interim;
  • My suggestions on how best to calculate holiday pay for staff who receive commission payments.


Case name: British Gas v Lock - Court of Appeal. You can read the full judgement for the case here

You can listen to previous episodes on the issue of holiday pay online episode 10 and episode 48

Action Points

  1. If you pay employees commission seek advice how best to ensure you are paying the correct amount when staff are on holiday;
  2. Subscribe to the podcast and Newsletter to ensure you get the updates when the case moves to the Supreme Court;
  3. Seek advice about your specific business issue;
  4. Give me a call if you want to talk through 023 8098 2006 or 01983 897003


 Remember getting advice from a Solicitor need not be expensive or difficult!

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